Installing Vinyl Flooring for the First Time

My wife asked me to look into vinyl flooring in Singapore so I did. I knew she had been wanting to do some renovations on our old home, and I was happy that she had finally picked a starting place. She was not sure what type of flooring she had wanted in the kitchen and dining room at first. She had looked at different kinds, including vinyl, wood and carpeting. She liked the look of the vinyl the best, and I have to agree that it really is the best of the three options she had.

She wanted me to hire a pro company to install the flooring, but I knew that I could handle it since it was vinyl flooring. If it had been hardwood or carpeting, then that would be beyond what I could handle. Just to make sure, I went online and looked at some tutorials to make sure I was not getting myself into something more than I could handle. I was able to watch some videos, plus one website really laid it out in plain language on how to quickly and accurately lay down vinyl flooring. The nice thing about it was that I already had all the tools I needed except for one, and I was able to borrow that one off of my neighbor.

When I told my wife the price it would cost if I installed it versus a professional installing it, she was happy that I had the confidence to put it in. It was very easy to prep the floors of the two rooms I was installing the flooring, and it honestly did not take very long at all once that was done. I started on Friday morning, and she was able to invite friends over for lunch the next day to see her new floors. The site I used made it very simple to install, and I am looking forward to her next project for me now.