I Have a Terrific Girlfriend Now

I have sort of been cruising through life lately, things have been so easy it makes me afraid that I am going to end up paying for. Through no fault of my own I ended up finding the sort of girlfriend a lazy fool might dream of finding. At the time I was doing some temp work for a place that does sewer cleaning in NJ, obviously I was working in the office behind a computer. They got themselves into this embarrassing situation, a lady who worked there had helped herself to some money and they did not know how serious it was. They also wanted to try to avoid making this into a federal prosecution. When something like this happens, the higher ups inevitably look for a scapegoat and no one wants to be a scapegoat. They were hoping that they could sweep it all under the rug.

At any rate that is how I ended up meeting her, she is a CPA who was sent to figure it all out. The losses were pretty significant, around 15 thousand dollars. I figured out that they could probably get about one third of it back and they decided that was good enough. At any rate Rose is one heck of a woman and she seems to be a genius with money. She has plenty of work for me, she goes around cleaning up bigger messes than the one that started it all and she needs me to slink about in other people’s computers. When my lease ran out she pretty much made me move into her extra room, the one she is not using as her office. Of course she has several houses that she rents out, I am not really sure how many of them there are or where they are.