Important Details About Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Fleet owners follow federal laws and guidelines for maintaining all large trucks. Compliance with federal laws improve the trucks and lower the risks of mechanical failures. The trucks operate better and help drivers deliver goods on schedule. Diesel exhaust fluid is a vital part of complying with regulations and improving fleet truck management.

Use Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

A selective catalytic reduction system monitors diesel exhaust fluid in the fleet trucks. Indicator lights appear on the dashboard when fluid levels are low. The systems convert dangerous nitrous oxide into water and hydrogen mixtures. Federal regulations require fleet owners to use the fluids for all trucks larger than one-quarter ton.

What is in DEF?

Diesel exhaust fluid includes deoxidized water and animal waste products. Most manufacturers use synthetic ingredients that don’t have a strong odor. The fluid keeps all fleet trucks compliant with federal laws, and drivers add the fluid according to the readings on the truck’s dashboard.

How Often is the DEF Used?

The standard usage instructions show that the fleet owner adds at least 2.5 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid for every 800 miles. Fleet owners add containers and pumps on the trucks for easier use of the fluids. Drivers add the fluid according to the dashboard indicators. If the driver doesn’t add the fluid properly, the selective catalytic reduction system shuts the vehicle down until drivers restore the fluid levels. Using the fluid properly improves the performance levels and offers more torque.

Why are Fleet Owners Required to Use DEF?

The Environmental Protection Agency requires the use of diesel exhaust fluid to prevent dangerous gas emissions. All fleet owners use the fluid to remain compliant and pass safety inspections. Violations of EPA regulations lead to hefty fines and serious penalties. All fleet owners enforce the use of the fluids and prevent penalties because of non-compliant drivers.

Fleet owners experience fewer mechanical issues by using diesel exhaust fluids properly. Adding the fluid keeps the trucks operating at top performance levels and lowers maintenance costs. Ordering an adequate supply of the fluid helps fleet owners maintain their vehicles more proactively. Fleet owners who want more information about the fluid or Industrial coolant can contact a vendor now.