Forget that Fender Bender with a Body Shop in Syracuse

Even a small accident can be a traumatic and difficult experience for anyone to deal with. These issues can be compounded when seeing a once beautiful vehicle is now a damaged mess. With today’s vehicles, even a small fender bender can cause serious and ugly damage to the body of that car. Fortunately, a Body shop in Syracuse can be the solution to restoring any vehicle back to its original beauty. Many shops understand that today’s vehicles require complex repairs and can handle it all in a simple process.

After an Accident

The first step to restoring a vehicle after an accident is to get an estimate on the repairs. Often, this estimate is required before an insurance company can process the claim. Many auto body shops offer convenient estimate services and will often provide the paperwork directly to the insurance company to make it easier. At the shop, the repair team will thoroughly examine the damage. Often, a seemingly minor collision will have more damage beneath the surface. The repair team will inspect those elements and determine what it takes to repair the vehicle.

Professional Repairs

Once the owner approves the repairs and the insurance company processes the claim, repairs can begin on the vehicle. The professional team will begin by ordering any parts needed to make those repairs. If there is damage to the frame, many service providers will offer computerized repairs to that frame to ensure it is restored to its like-new specification. Any dents or dings will be removed and the vehicle set back to the proper state to allow the customer to experience the same functionality as they had before the accident.

Cosmetic Repairs

Once all of the repairs have been made and replacement parts installed, the next step is to provide a clean finish to the vehicle. Scratch repair or even a complete pain job will be provided by the repair team. Many facilities offer computerized matching to ensure the paint is the exact color as the rest of the vehicle. Many auto body shops provide a clean area to ensure the paint goes on smooth and clear.

Once the repairs and paint are complete, the vehicle will receive a clear coat finish. This will help protect the vehicle from further damage and rust. With complete and professional auto body services, vehicle owners can forget the accident ever happened.