Taking Trees Down for a Garage Installation

My husband wanted to build a garage right next to the house. Though we have a couple of acres, he wanted it right there so it could connect to the house. Initially, I wanted it to be elsewhere because I did not want to lose the trees next to the house, but he was pretty convincing, especially when he said how much easier it would be in the winter months. After I finally agreed, he contacted an Asheville tree removal to come out and look at the trees to make sure they could come down easily enough.

When the arborist came out, he explained that they were able to take down any tree, regardless of location or size. My husband was mainly worried because the trees were so close to the house, and he was not sure how expensive it would be since extra care would have to be taken. The man from the tree services company told him that their equipment would be able to bring down the three trees without any problems to the house or land. He told us that we were fortunate to have never had any issues with the trees because of their close proximity to the house.

They recommend that all trees are further from any dwellings since it is not just storms that can bring a tree down. There are a number of things like infestations, disease, and other things that can weaken a tree, which makes it a hazard. Since there were no problems in the trees coming down, they scheduled it for the following week. They had to remove the stumps too because the ground had to be level, and I was surprised at how quickly they were able to do all of that. Afterwards, the garage was put up, and my husband was right in picking that location for it. I can’t imagine it anywhere else now!