Escorts Are a Good Luck Charm

Gambling in Las Vegas has its ups and downs. You win some, and you lose some, but as long as you have the money, you can place another bet. Some people have good luck charms that they take with them to the casino in an attempt to increase their chances of winning. I prefer to have a female companion as a good luck charm. I gambled at a casino with one of the lovely ebony escorts on my arm, and I won the entire night. Now whenever I have to gamble, I always bring an escort.

My friends seem to think that the escort has no bearing on my luck, but I’ve never seen them win without the escort, while I’ve been winning with her. Before I had the escort with me, I was doing as poorly as my friends were in the casino. No matter how many times I try to explain it to my friends, they still don’t believe it, and they still keep losing. They’ve tried bringing in things like four leaf clovers, rabbits feet, horse shoes, old coins, and even worn clothes they consider lucky, but none of those things have helped them win at any of the casino games.

I don’t only gamble when I have the escort with me. Doing nothing but gambling would get quite boring after a while. The escort that I go out with likes to dance, so we usually go to some club near the casino and have some fun on the dance floor. The fast songs are our favorites, because we really get to let loose and get energetic. All of that dancing makes me hungry, and there’s usually a restaurant that is open, so we’ll find one and dig in to some delicious food before winding down the evening at my home.